10 surprising jobs you can do with your audio degree

While performers take to the stage, producers put it all together, and publicists get new work out there, individuals versed in audio engineering and production become the lifeblood of the industry by pulling together technology, art and audiences.

From shaping the sound of an album, to creating virtual sound fields, we look at the careers you can pursue in entertainment, gaming, film, television and more after studying Audio Production with Collarts.

Virtual reality audio producer

When it comes to creating a convincing virtual world, sound is essential. The growing use of virtual reality technology and sound fields in gaming and film industries, as well as the technology such as sound spatialisation and real-time rendering required to deliver these experiences, offers an exciting range of career paths for audio producers.
Film sound recordist, mixer, location sound engineer
A foundation in audio production can lead to a career on film sets as a recordist. From recording voices and background noises in a studio, to setting up sound equipment or “swinging a boom” on site, it’s a career to satisfy any film buff.

Designing sound systems

The music and entertainment industry presents many opportunities for specialisation, and one such example is sound system design. Predominately used in large shows and festivals, pursuing this field could see you providing audio support and sound design for some of the biggest venues and live acts.

Audio producer for fashion shows

It turns out, being surrounded by stylish and beautiful fashionistas is actually big business for audio producers. From audio design and installation, to producing the audio for the runway, it’s another example of the varied opportunities available for audio producers and the ability to find your own niche.

Theatrical sound production

Working in the theatre presents lots of fun opportunities to work alongside theatre professionals, orchestra musicians, and performers. Audio producers in this environment are responsible for amplifying, mixing, recording, syncing, and reproducing sounds and effects for rehearsals, productions, and special events.

Acoustic ecology

Also known as soundscape studies, acoustic ecology investigates the relationships between sound, people, and their environment. For those with a curious mind and ears, this could include anything from studying the sonic impact of road and airport construction, to studying noise in the oceans.

Installation sound production

From exhibitions to arts festivals, and from race meetings to courtrooms and hotels, there are plenty of opportunities for installation audio across the arts industry. In a gallery or museum setting, you may be responsible for specifying, installing and running sound equipment, and checking connections. For a festival, this could also include leading a team of people and coordinating digital sound distribution over a large area.

Audio equipment design and sales

If technology is your interest, you could pursue a career in design, sales or manufacturing and help to deliver new innovations for an industry you’re passionate about. This could range from creating or selling new headphones and amps, to experimenting with virtual reality technology.

Synthesiser programmer

Audio production is often viewed as behind the scenes, but there are plenty of opportunities to work closely with artists and composers. A synthesiser programmer helps to create and edit sound modules such as samplers from the natural environment to create unique, high-quality sounds for individual artists, albums, film scores and more.

Mastering engineer

Like to have the final touch and make sure something is just right? A mastering engineer polishes the final product by taking mixed audio from an artist or producer and preparing it for distribution. This could be in the form of a CD or a vinyl record, or in a digital format for streaming audio, and a great way to leave your mark with a cohesive and polished product.

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