11 surprising jobs you can do in the entertainment industry

There’s more to building a career in the music and entertainment industry than pining to be a rock star or feeling like you have to settle for less.

When thinking of jobs in the entertainment industry, often our minds turn straight to the seemingly out-of-reach life of rock or pop star. Teachers or parents may insist this type of career is one in a million, but the entertainment industry in Australia is in fact booming and with that, the opportunities for the creatively inclined are rapidly growing in a variety of roles.

In fact, the industry is outperforming many so-called ‘safe’ career choices. National research has found that the live performance industry contributes more than $1.5 billion to the Australian economy and outperforms retail trade, accommodation and food services.

There are so many more job opportunities in the entertainment industry than you may initially think, and a degree from Collarts will prepare you for a surprising and fulfilling career amongst them.

Whether you’re a music lover, or creative technophile, lets take a look at the plethora of music and entertainment industry jobs that are not only viable, but often lucrative.

music producer jobs1. Music Producer

If you want to make the most of your talent while helping others, a career in producing music ticks many boxes. The role will see you writing, recording and producing music for a variety of purposes – be it for artists, television, commercials, or individual projects.

video game composer jobs

2. Video game composer

Taking the commonly known jingle writer to a new level, game composers create scores for video games and themes for main characters. Work is varied and can include everything from composing, sound design and editing, voice directing, and project management. There is also the opportunity to work alongside other musicians, composers, game designers, and even orchestrators.

music therapist jobs

3. Music therapist

Any musician or avid listener knows the healing power of music. Whether it’s learning a new instrument, engaging in group or solo singing, or simply appreciating a melody, music has proven to lift our spirits and connect communities. Being a music therapist helps you use music to help people deal with stress, anxiety, or emotional, physical, cognitive and social wellbeing issues.

music publicist jobs

4. Publicist

If communication and connecting with others is your strong point, publicity may be the career for you. Fast paced and intuitive, a career as a music or entertainment publicist could see you working directly with a variety of artists and performers, or helping a record label with their campaigns, press kits, and drumming up interest with the public.

 music management jobs

5. Manager – of any kind!

Are you often complimented for being organised or told you are a natural leader? From managing venues to tours, or becoming a stage, business or promotions manager, there is a lot of opportunity to flex your management muscles in the entertainment industry.

Many bands, artists, projects or entertainment businesses need managers to help boost revenue, manage finances, deal with contracts and negotiations, take care of scheduling, and generally keep things ticking along.

session musician jobs

6. Songwriter, session musician, nightclub DJ, rock star or even a cruise ship performer!

If you have the talent, there is more than one way to use it. Many musicians pick up work as anything from a nightclub DJ to songwriter for other performers. As well as working on your own band or solo career as an artist, the collaborative nature of the entertainment community means that you may find yourself as a session singer or musician in the studio or onstage. If travel appeals but not the string of hotel rooms or long flights, a career as a cruise ship musician may be for you!

audio engineer jobs

7. Recording or audio engineer

If you prefer to be behind the scenes, recording or audio engineering can make for an exciting career. Your workplace could be anywhere from recording studios, to law courts, sports stadiums, performing arts centres and more, and involve anything from preparing microphones and equipment, to shaping the sound of an entire album.

music blogger journalist

8. Entertainment blogger or journalist         

If you have a way with words, the entertainment industry presents a variety of career opportunities. As a content editor or copywriter, you could help a business or artist with their website, artist bios, blogs and other written material.

You could also try your hand as a music or entertainment journalist, blogger or critic of live performers and albums.

instrument designer

9. Instrument builder, designer or repairer

If you want to apply your craftsmanship in the music industry, there is opportunity to become a custom instrument builder, designer, make or luthier – someone who builds or repairs string instruments.

There is potential to make instruments or complete repairs in your own shop as a small business, or for a larger instrument manufacturer.


10. Ethnomusicologist

If you’re fascinated by anthropology, culture, trends and research, ethnomusicology could provide the perfect career. Studying how people use music to create community, ethnomusicologists immerse themselves in cultures to uncover interesting connections and often find careers in teaching at universities, working in libraries or art institutions, writing research projects and conducting fieldwork.

music entertainment entrepeneur

11. Entertainment entrepreneur

Dream of starting your own festival, band, agency or opening your own music store? Learning more about the music and entertainment business can equip you with the skills to go out on your own and pave the way as a creative entrepreneur. The opportunities are endless when you apply your knowledge with tenacity and a little hustle.

If you can see yourself doing one of these, check out the course options that Collarts has available to get started with your career in the music industry!