All The Workshops Happening This Open Day


Audio Production: Drum Recording Workshop
South Melbourne Campus | 10:00am & 2:15pm

Ever wondered how Audio Production works in a live recording session? In our Drum Recording Workshops, we’ll be working with current Music students to record and edit their performance in real-time, using a large screen to show and explain the process from start to finish. You’ll be able to see live drum performances and how Audio Production works through demonstration and steady explanation, with time to ask questions and get hands-on. This workshop is perfect for those interested in Audio Production, but we also encourage those interested in drumming to check out the space too.


Music Performance: Open Live Performance Class
South Melbourne Campus | 12:30pm

Come along to see an open live performance from our current Music Performance students and alumni. Set as an ensemble class, you’ll get the chance to listen to their original songs that they’ve written and perfected at Collarts, alongside how they have honed their skills in the Music Performance course. Between performances, you will be able to join in conversations about songwriting and ask any questions about Collarts Music and the course. During this performance class, Audio Production students will also be assisting and working on the live stage, so this class is ideal for those curious in both Music Performance or Audio Production, or anyone else passionate about music in a live setting!


Content Creation: How To Master A Flat Lay Image
South Melbourne Campus | 12:30pm

Ever wondered how those Instagram influencers get that perfect shot? In How To Master A Flat Lay Image, we’ll teach you how to perfect the flat lay image on your smartphone so you’ve got the skills and technology right in your pocket. Led by expert teachers from our Content Creation course and assisted by our Content Creation students, this workshop will involve getting hands-on in order to teach you photography and styling skills to create better, more appealing content. A great workshop for those passionate about Content Creation, this workshop will allow you to work through flat lays and learn hands-on, with plenty of time to ask questions and get familiar with the courses.


Music Production: Intro To Logic Workshop
Fitzroy Campus | 12:15pm

In this interactive 30-minute workshop at our Fitzroy campus, you will learn the basics of Logic at an introductory level. Introducing the digital audio workstation (or DAW), Intro To Logic is ideal for those curious about Music Production and those wanting to learn the few first tools to create, edit and deliver Music Production. Through a rapid-fire overview with plenty of time to ask questions to industry experts, you’ll oversee a number of loops and learn tricks, tips and techniques for making music in Logic. With plenty of demonstrations, this workshop will best be suited to those interested in Music Production and its basic techniques.

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