PSA: You Can Now Download The Handwriting Of David Bowie, Kurt Cobain And More For Free

Editor’s note 12/04/18 10:40am: At the time of publishing, was online. It has now come to our attention that the SongwritersFonts project has since been disabled, with the owners responsible for the project closing down the website due to intellectual property rights owners making contact.


If looking up to your idols wasn’t enough inspiration on its own, now you can type in their styles. Free to download and for unlimited personal use, you can use fonts emulating the personal handwriting of Kurt Cobain, David Bowie, Leonard Cohen and John Lennon.

The computer fonts flaunt the best iterations of their handwriting, taking inspiration from multiple sources of collected notes, letters and postcards. Nicolas Damiens and Julien Sens studied each artist’s notes to capture their lettering as accurately as possible, and have shared their work on

The fonts are available to download online now, click here to suss them out. Who knows, perhaps they could be the key to that next assignment or song you’ve been writing.

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