Croissants And Vinyl: Five Questions With Ella Hooper

Working in the Australian music industry since she was 14, Ella Hooper knows what it takes to break into the industry and create a sustainable career. From the launchpad of Killing Heidi to her personal solo project she fosters today, Ella’s work has taken her all over the world through music, radio, television, and festivals. With a recent appearance in Her Sound, Her Story and a holiday to Paris under her belt, we caught up with Ella for a quick-fire interview ahead of her upcoming Collarts-exclusive interview with Kira Puru.

What was the last vinyl you bought and where did you buy it? What’s the standout track from the record?
Hmm… I try to keep my vinyl purchasing limited at the moment as I don’t have a record player right now, but I still buy it! It was probably Tyrannamen’s self-titled record. Fave track? Oh god, they’re all bangers, maybe ‘Jail’ or ‘Diamond Ring?’

What was it like to be involved in Her Sound, Her Story and why do you think it’s important for young women and students in the industry?
It was truly an honour and I could see from the get-go it was going to be a very important film, exhibition and gig. It’s a time of mass sharing and exploring of this subject, with women facing many barriers and battling the prejudice in achieving sustained career success in many industries—the music industry being no different. It’s time to address it wholeheartedly and I love being able to contribute my experience and voice to that conversation.

Her Sound, Her Story (official trailer) from Her Sound, Her Story on Vimeo.

What do you feel like you’re still learning every day?
How to balance passion, persistence and not slide into mania, being assertive and also ‘nice’, how to be realistic, seasoned but not bitter. Basically lots; I’m learning lots every day.


“You have your own wisdom, even when you’re young.”


Looking back on your early career, what advice would you give yourself around self-confidence and music?
Oh man, back your own tastes! Back yourself if you have a strong hunch about what you want to be doing; stylistically, musically. It’s good to listen to your peers and elders advice, but not too much, not at the expense of your own taste. They don’t always know better. You have your own wisdom, even when you’re young.

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You were recently in Paris. What did you get up to, has it inspired your upcoming work and are the baked goods as delicious as they say?
They are more amazing than they say, and I have evidentially become a human croissant. I will write a love song for the healing power of baked goods now for sure. No, but seriously, I do and always have taken inspiration from great artists, visual artists too, and gallery hopping every damn day for two weeks was a great way to fill up the tank as I say. It’s amazing to see how visual stimulation can turn into musical output, it just gets the creative motor running and then put it comes. If you’re an artist and you can’t get wildly inspired and a little overstimulated in Paris in springtime, you might be in the wrong bizz!

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