Five Reasons To Study At Collarts

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Collarts is a dynamic independent tertiary education college full of passion, individuality and opportunity. We love creating real career pathways that cross creative sectors, delivering industry-based learning that allows you to be career-ready upon graduation. With strong personal and professional development leading our ethos, we don’t treat students like numbers in a system. Instead, we commit to connecting our students to industry, teaching them the skills to be agile and culturally relevant in a creative sector that’s bursting with opportunity.

If you’re looking at your study options for 2018, Collarts is a popular choice for students wanting the best start to a real career. From our industry partnerships to the opportunity to study overseas, we support individuals who want to succeed, both nationally and internationally. If you were looking for reasons to learn more about the Collarts community, here’s five reasons to study at Collarts way beyond pen, paper, software or instrument.


Have you ever dreamt of learning in your industry overseas? We’re all about expanding industry experience.

We want you to experience your industry differently, with the opportunity to study overseas with our student exchange.

Students from all degrees are able to apply to our international student exchange program, which means you can learn overseas in an area of study you’re passionate about. Our exchange partner, Drexel University, is nestled in Philadelphia and ranked in the top 100 universities in the USA; its location often celebrated amongst America’s best cities for live music. Thanks to its vibrant music culture and history—alongside its comfortable cost of living (that’s usually half the price of New York rent)—the trip is set in a perfect melting pot for emerging creatives and making longlasting connections.

Aside from the chance to study in the states, we’ve also secured three scholarship opportunities in Europe that are available to eligible students, including The International Summer Camp, Songwriter Week and the Band and Business Camp. On top of this, Collarts students and teachers can travel to Europe to collaborate with our partner institution in Germany, Popakademie Baden-Württemberg (University Of Popular Music And Music Business). In short: we’re always here to support those who want to succeed in the creative and entertainment industries, both nationally and internationally.


A handful of our students posing for a picture at St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival, on a break from assisting with audio production, artist and event management.

We want you to grow and succeed, connecting you with Australia’s leading festivals and industry leaders.

In case you haven’t seen the memo, Collarts focuses on giving students real-life industry experiences so that they are career-ready when they graduate. Unlike other universities, we truly let this value lead our work and the connections we make in the industry. With a team dedicated to partnerships, our relationships with the creative and entertainment industries allow us to put you forward for exclusive opportunities so that your study experience is enriched with skills you can only learn on-the-job.

A huge factor to this is our connection to Australian festivals and tours, with highly sought after internships open to Collarts students both exclusively and on a priority basis. From artist management, live audio or publicity, all students are encouraged to apply to the limited placements provided by St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival, UNIFY Gathering – A Heavy Music Gathering and Paradise Music Festival to name a few. We believe getting hands-on is the best way to learn, and are proud of all our students who have been involved so far.



Collarts Music Career Start Scholarship recipient Dan Vogl worked with industry experts to produce, market and release his debut single.

We handpick experts who are practicing in the industry so that you can be mentored by teachers who are connected, passionate and knowledgeable.

Being an independent tertiary college means we’re able to offer a more specialised experience than a traditional university. You’re not just a number at Collarts, and it shows in our passion for teaching. Our teachers, who are carefully handpicked to teach in their distinct field, are industry leaders who have collectively worked with the world’s best music acts, produced and recorded award-winning albums, managed some of Australia’s best-known events, and created editorial and creative content for some of the world’s leading media outlets.

During your time at Collarts, teachers share their industry expertise through face-to-face contact and mentoring, with learning at Collarts always remaining steadfast in our hands-on approach to the creative sector. With opportunities for scholarships and work experience teamed with our staff, our college strives to support those who want to succeed, offering a hands-on, collaborative approach to learning that champions industry opportunity, work placement and teaching career-ready skills for life outside study.


While we wish we had the O-Week mechanical bull all the time, our sense of community, student support and energy always remains steadfast.

We’re passionate about having a positive campus culture, and are not afraid to throw a party or ask you if you need help.

Whether we’re throwing a party or holding a workshop for Mental Health Week, we welcome all and put personal safety and enjoyment first when it comes to campus culture. Throwing events like The Collarts Sunset Social, The Push Pop-Up Shop or the O-Week Party, we celebrate our talented students and give them the chance to perform to our cohort, alongside enlisting help from presenting partners like Paradise, The Push, Swampland Magazine and more. In 2013, we also launched the SRC (Student Representative Council) to provide students with a platform to discuss student matters and raise valuable points surrounding campus life to key staff, which means our ethos is always evolving for the better.

While having a boogie can be great to meet fellow students, from time to time, you may want some additional support for your studies or seek advice. At Collarts, we have staff dedicated to helping you, with Collarts providing academic support sessions that include advice on essay structure, researching and much more. Our students also have access to counselling sessions (at no cost to themselves) and are always invited to contact their Program Leader for a confidential personal discussion. Your personal wellbeing is always our priority.


Our students apply their knowledge beyond pen and paper so that they are career-ready when they graduate.

We want you to be career-ready and will support you with industry placement opportunities.

Unlike other universities, we’re focused about getting you connected with industry leaders and learning hands-on. Throughout your study, you will be given many occasions to learn outside the classroom, with opportunities including work experience at music festivals, entertainment venues, recording facilities, radio stations, and with brands and organisations at the forefront of contemporary culture.

As part of each degree, students undertake a comprehensive work placement that we encourage and support you with along the way. This means your degree isn’t just a piece of paper to be hung on the wall (or forgotten about), but a doorway to many pathways into a field of work you love. These exclusive and open opportunities include working with St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival, UNIFY Gathering – A Heavy Music GatheringFace The Music and The Age Music Victoria Awards to name a few, experiencing an internship at an industry level.

If experiencing the Collarts way is something you’re curious about or if you’re passionate to learn more about what we offer, check out our courses. Otherwise, applications for 2018 intake are currently open, apply here.