Four Productive Tips To Get The Most Out Of Open Day

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When it comes to attending an Open Day, things can get overwhelming. With so much happening on the schedule, things can get messy if you’re not prepared or at least have a rough idea on what’s happening and where.  With strong personal and professional development leading the Collarts ethos, it’s only natural that our Open Day would get hands-on beyond posters and flyers. From interactive workshops to experiencing ensembles by our Music Performance cohort, we want you to get the best out of our Open Day that’s right around the corner. With four productive tips for getting the best out of Open Day, come along to our campus armed and ready.


Prepare questions about the course you’re interested in.

Questions are amazing. Whether you’re looking to study Audio Production or Content Creation, reading up on the courses you’re interested in is a great way to prepare questions to clear up anything you’re curious about. From deliverables to outcomes, familiarising yourself with these details will allow you to write down notes and bits you shouldn’t forget. Open Day is the perfect time to ask anything you’re not sure of, and chances are, you’re not alone with your queries. Everyone at Open Day is dedicated to helping you, so prepare as little or as much as you need.

Familiarise yourself with the Open Day schedule.

Ah, schedules. Love ’em or hate ’em, they are there to help you. When it comes to the Open Day schedule, a great tip is to save an image on your smartphone or grab a flyer on the day to ensure you’re ticking off your check-list. Below, you’ll see a savable picture you can download straight to your phone and a link right here if you’d prefer a PDF. In our schedule, we’ve broken down the day into two campuses, so pay careful attention to where a session is happening and factor in the times between campuses via the minibus transfers.

Take advantage of workshops, course information sessions and the Information Desk.

After you familiarise yourself with the Open Day schedule, highlighting what workshops and information sessions you want to attend will help you navigate your day. At our Open Day, each course information session runs for approx. 45 minutes and covers everything you need to know about your course, including course structure, content, teachers, facilities, scholarship opportunities and more. While there will be time within each course information session to ask questions, the Information Desk upstairs at our South Melbourne campus can also be your best friend; where Collarts staff will be available to answer all of your application, enrolment and study questions.

If you can register, do it.

Registering for Open Day may sound like a pain, but it does a few things that can help you long-term. When you register, we get a better understanding of what you’re passionate about, and can send you updates in future about any course changes, information sessions and free events you can attend. On the day, we’ll also check you in and assist you with any other burning questions before you head out and conquer the day.

Register now for Open Day or click here and get all the information you need about Open Day times, sessions and tours. If studying at Collarts interests you or if you’re wanting to learn more, check out our courses hereApplications for 2018 are now open