4 study tips to set yourself up for success

Collarts graduate and UNFD Records (aka We Are Unified) employee Sally Cattell shares her tips for using your time at Collarts toward paving a successful career in the music and entertainment industry.

During her studies at Collarts, Sally Cattell didn’t miss a beat. With her passion and talent evident, upon graduating Collarts lecturer Chrissie Vincent put her forward for a coveted role with record label Unified.

“I had an interview the next day after applying and that afternoon was asked to come in for a trial. It all happened pretty fast!”

As office coordinator at Unified, Sally essentially runs the Melbourne space, tackles administration and provides assistance to staff, while also getting her head around finance, business management, artist management and everything else that goes into running the record label so that she can grow her role with the label.

She credits her steadfast determination and commitment to study for preparing her for the role.

“Collarts seemed like the best option to gain a solid understanding of such a multifaceted industry, while also getting experience in the field and being in the right place to meet the relevant people.”

We ask Sally to share her top four tips for making the most of your studies and how to best apply them to make for a blossoming career.


1. Find your role models

In addition to moral support from her parents, Sally knew it was possible to pave a career in the music and entertainment industry because she had a mentor in marketing and booking. For those who may not have such support, she recommends finding your own career icons.

“Find examples of people who have done really well for themselves to prove to other people that the industry isn’t just fluff – it involves hard work, you need to have a great business mind, and people really do make things happen.”


2. Be Fearless and stand out from the crowd

Even in her final years in high school, Sally knew she didn’t want to follow the conventional path that appealed to the majority of her friends.

“When my high school career counsellor asked what I enjoyed doing and my hobbies, everything kept coming back to music. I knew I didn’t want to do anything else.”

While her peers were pursuing medicine, law, and accounting, she held onto her passion for music and without even a slither of doubt, dove straight into studying Entertainment Management at Collarts.


3. Don’t overlook your lecturers

To find your feet in the industry, Sally stresses the importance of making friendships with fellow students as well as lecturers.

“Probably the best part of Collarts was getting to know my lecturers really well. I have made lifelong friendships with people that continually strive to help me in anyway they can.”

Nurturing relationships with your peers and mentors not only often has a direct impact on kickstarting your career, these networks will help you advance in your field for years to come. In Sally’s case, by forming meaningful relationships and proving to be a passionate and engaged student, her lecturer Chrissie Vincent put her forward for this coveted role at Unified upon graduating.


4.Work hard and continue to create new goals

The essential ingredients for a blossoming career are dedication and wits.

“You have to really want it to do well and have a really logical and rational mind.”

So what’s on the horizon for Sally?

“In the next five years I hope to be involved with artist management, ideally still within the Unified company. I am also really keen to travel which is definitely possible to do while working in this industry, so maybe in the next five years I’ll be working overseas either in the UK or LA.”

It’s a dream career – doing what you are passionate about, travel, working hard and making friends.

“If you’re passionate enough and willing to work really hard you will get to where you want to be” she concludes.