Get To Know LOOBS Beyond The Witty Banter

Alex, Jim, Kelly and Josh are just four mates who love making music together. Writing and performing indie garage-pop under their moniker LOOBS, their previous EP’s (LOOBS and LOOBS \ /) gained the attention of Poison City Records late last year and put them on the map of the Poison City roster. Since joining the label, LOOBS’ single ‘Dandelion’ made waves for its melty surf-rock, highlighting their love for early ’90s garage and the stumbling experiences of growing up.

Set to release their debut LP early this year, the album was recorded and mixed by Matt Chow and mastered by Nao Anzai; lead single ‘Dandelion’ giving the perfect preview of the banter and energy to follow. Since finishing the record from a holiday shack in Anglesea, we caught up with LOOBS to chat about ‘Dandelion’ and their jangle sound ahead of The Collarts Sunset Social.

Hey Alex, thanks so much for chatting. First up, how did LOOBS first begin and were you always set on making music together?
LOOBS began in 2013 when I met James at Vic University. We both really liked Pavement, Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr and would trade music with each other via USB sticks. After about a year or so, I asked him to play bass in a band that I wanted to form. He said, “No, I want to play drums” to which I said, “Can you play drums?” He said no but I reckon he’s getting pretty close to figuring it out now.

Joining the Poison City family in October, your single ‘Dandelion’ was super fun. What inspired the music video for the track and who bought all the streamers?
Kelly only recently joined the band but she comes with many, many perks. Aside from being an all-round boss on stage, she is by trade; a video-making genius. So Kelly and her team of video-making peeps came up with the idea, filmed and choreographed it all … and bought the streamers.


“Being in a band isn’t easy and there’s no common path to follow to success. Be weird, be authentic and support your mates bands as much as you can.”


Heading down to Fairhaven to record your first full-length LP, were there any creative challenges you faced pulling together the album?
No challenges whatsoever. We had all the songs ready, we recorded it under no pressure as we weren’t on a label at the time and we were at James’ family’s holiday house which made us very comfortable. Matt Chow, who recorded the album, was a total pleasure to work with. He understands what we want and thinks we’re cool so he was very encouraging to us throughout the process.

Sensual Garage Slop is the genre of your music you’ve self-described on your Facebook page. What’s the best thing about performing as LOOBS?
The best thing? I don’t know, sounds lame but it’s pretty sweet that the four of us get to do this together. Sometimes when I look up from my guitar to see how much of a vibe James, Kelly and Josh are bringing is a massive pleasure. To know that they dig the songs I write and how committed they are to enjoying the process is the best thing I reckon.

Joining us for The Collarts Sunset Social, what can people expect from a LOOBS gig anyway?
Noise and witty banter. (Though none of that wit comes from James.)

If you could give Collarts students advice for starting a band or having a good time on stage, what would it be?
Being in a band isn’t easy and there’s no common path to follow to success. Be weird, be authentic and support your mates bands as much as you can.

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