How I Got Here: Lauren Mitchell, Social Content and Community Manager at Bolster.

After working in a broad range of roles (both paid and unpaid) in and around the music industry, Lauren Mitchell emerged with a multi-disciplinary creative skill-set which led her to the role of Social Content and Community Manager at Bolster.

At Bolster, Lauren finds herself doing everything from coming up with fun social media content, to coordinating digital activations and copywriting forexciting clients including We Are Unified, Future Classic, Laneway Festival and Splendour in the Grass.

We caught up with Lauren to ask her about what it takes to break into the Content Creation industry, and her advice for those just starting out.

1. What was your first job right out of uni and what was the most important thing you learned there?

To be completely honest, I couldn’t actually tell you which one came first!

I have worked in so many different roles and done more internships than I could count on five hands. I guess the lesson there is that it’s good to try as many different things as possible. It’s the only way you figure out what spikes your interest and what you will and won’t put up with.

2. How did you get from there to where you are now?

It wasn’t until my final semester at RMIT that it occurred to me that I could work in communications within the music industry. Once I’d had that epiphany, I took every music-related opportunity that came my way. You name it, I did it. Under some not so glamorous circumstances, in many cases.

I was always pretty persistent, even at times when I felt discouraged. Slowly, but surely, I got here. Most jobs will lead to something else, particularly in music, it’s a very small community sometimes.

3. What kind of projects/tasks are in a typical week for you at Bolster?

It’s always different and I am still learning every day, which is the fun part!

My week consists of anything from copywriting, consultancy meetings, coordinating event day social media content and brainstorming crazy digital activations for prospective clients, to working on Buzz (see BIGSOUND Buzz or The Austin Buzz) or Linktree. Most of all though, my role involves a whole lot of content creation. In one day I’ll be working on anything from Spotify playlists to large-scale competitions, blog posts, newsletters and social copy. The list goes on and is ever-changing!

4. Talk us through two highlights or favourite moments of your time so far at Bolster…

I’ve been here for nearly eight months and there are literally hundreds of favourite moments.

My proudest moments revolve around getting the company to engage in my stupid ideas. For #AusMusicTshirtDay, I was getting jealous of the photos rolling in on our Instagram feed from other teams posing with doggos and just generally looking fabulous. I wanted to create some memorable content, so I went to the shop, purchased a dozen tinnies and had everyone participate in a group shotgun. The results were fairly pathetic, but I was proud (to say the least).

Another recent favourite moment was writing a fake press release around the launch of our fake doggo nightclub for April Fools Day. I might have taken it a touch too seriously!

5. What study and career advice would you give to your 18-year old self?

Really just to be more confident and more assertive.

It’s something that you have to learn in a workplace, regardless of how much you possess those characteristics under normal circumstances. It’s hard to know your worth sometimes, but most people appreciate confidence and respect assertiveness (as long as there’s an air of respect to go with it). Point things out when you think they’re wrong, ask questions and stand up for yourself (and other people in some instances).

Big thanks to Lauren for taking the time to chat with us! If Lauren’s job sounds like your thing, check out our degree and diploma courses in Content Creation.