Raise Awareness For Mental Health This Ausmusic T-shirt Day

Ah, Ausmusic T-shirt Day, how we love you. What yells “I love Australian music” more than parading around in your favourite merch on a sunny arvo? A staple of event for the ABC’s Ausmusic Month, most of us are familiar with the tradition of showing our pride on our torso—you plan for days or not at all, talk around the water cooler about your band, Instagram a selfie and reminisce about your favourite live shows.

In 2017, however, we can do much more to support Australian musicians and creatives than sharing a little love on social media. Recent studies have shown that musicians are five times more likely to suffer from depression and 10 times more likely to show symptoms of anxiety. Recognising these factors, the ABC has announced its partnership with Support Act, a music industry crisis relief service hoping to close the gap between musos and mental health.

One of a kind in Australia, Support Act is a charity helping artists and those working in the music industry who are facing hardship due to illness, mental health, injury or some other crisis that impacts their day-to-day work in music. Support Act is an invaluable resource for those working in the industry. Alberts, through their Tony Foundation, is helping Support Act launch a helpline just for artists and music workers struggling with their mental health.

What this means is that #AusmusicTShirtDay isn’t just a community event—but an event that supports community where it matters. And here’s where you come in, as Support Act still need your help.

  1. Wear your fave Aussie artist Tee on Friday 3 November
  2. Post a selfie with #ausmusictshirtday
  3. Donate at supportact.org.au
  4. Go into the draw to win tix to the ARIA Awards

Pretty simple stuff, right? For more info, hit up Support Act here and don’t forget to iron that shirt for #AusmusicTShirtDay! Tweet us @Collarts with your best selfies.