The 3 Bigsound Sessions You Must See

The inaugural Bigsound conference kicks off once again today celebrating its thirteenth consecutive year, growing into one of the biggest occasions in the Australian music calendar. Making the rounds this year are an unparalleled array of industry professionals from around the world teamed with the handpicked showcases from the most happening Australian artists on the circuit. We’ve put together a list of some of the must-see events of the Bigsound conference cultural calendar to get you in the know.

Community Radio – A Home For All Music // Judith Wright Centre (Music Rehearsal Room)

A must attend for every delegate, this panel comprises of some of the most influential people in Australian media today. This panel will bring you everything you need to know about the community-broadcasting sector and the intimate star-studded lives of music directors this country over. This panel features
• Music manager and anime aficionado Simon Winkler (3RRR)
• Soul songstress and music and interviews coordinator Chelsea Wilson (PBS 106.7)
• Former music manager Steven Goodhew (FBi)
• Music director and ex PR superstar Adam Christou (RTRFM / Remote Control)
• Michelle Brown (4ZZZ)
• + More

Funemployed // Judith Wright Centre (Performance Space)

Funemployment: “A happy time in one’s life when one is not employed and is not wanting to be employed.”

Allowing a unique insight into the fascinating working lives of musicians and prominent industry figures alike, portraying the reality for sessional musicians and potential niche-career avenues for aspiring musos. This session will no doubt explore the broad concept of “selling out” in this ever-adaptive media landscape and will explore how this may be necessary to evolve as musicians and artists alike. Featuring the best in conversation from:
• Multi-instrumentalist and broadcaster Tim Shiel (Faux Pas / Double J/ 3RRR)
• All-round superstar Evelyn Morris (Pikelet)
• Megan Washington
• Justin Heazlewood (The Bedroom Philosopher)

Influence // Judith Wright Centre (Performance Space)

The power of influence is a profoundly underrated tool in the music and wider cultural industries. Ultimately a review from the right person can make or break a career, and pose as hugely meaningful to future endeavors. With controversial issues arising in today’s media from dubious practices such as paid editorials due to the burgeoning crisis in the print media, this session will go through all you need to know in the powerful media underground. Speakers this year include:
• Ever-controversial twitter overlord Jake Cleland (Pitchfork / The Vine)
• Sarah Smith (FasterLouder)
• Anthony Fantano (The Needle Drop)
• Grace Jones (Tell All Your Friends PR)
• Sarah Richardson (Bleached Communications)