4 must-see acts at Laneway music festival

Often revered as one of the best day festivals in Australia, the Laneway Music Festival lineup never fails to disappoint its punters.

From its humble beginnings in 2004 at a little Melbourne laneway bar called St. Jerome’s, the festival quickly expanded throughout Australia and overseas to Auckland and Singapore. Despite being a couple of months away from festival kick-off, we’ve been drooling at the lineup and have listed four acts on our (growing) must-see list.

1. Benjamin Booker

That catchy guitar intro in Violent Shiver and the grit behind the voice is only part of what makes this New Orleans native a joy to listen to. Benjamin Booker is a mix of blues and rock, with a tang of pop on tracks like Violent Shiver that get you on your feet for a festival boogie. Then come Booker’s earthy soulful tracks like By The Evening, basically this track makes you want to hold that someone special close and sway. After playing Lollapalooza, Booker was named by Rolling Stone Magazine as the festival’s Best Rock Star Moment –we’re vibing pretty good things for his Laneway debut.

2. Eves

This fresh-faced 19-year-old has made a swift entry on the Australian music radar. Originally playing under her name, Hannah Karydas, she switched to her stage name, Eves in 2013. Following this, 2014 saw Eves supporting the likes of Courtney Barnett and Sky Ferreira during their Australian tours. Musically, Eves combines ethereal vocals with angst and intensity as displayed in her track Zen. Currently working on her EP, we’re excited to see what else Eves has in her bag – you’ll definitely want to catch this young lass before she explodes into the music circuit.

3. Flying Lotus

There’s a lot of interest around this act – so this is one to get there early for. Steven Ellison, aka Flying Lotus, is a Californian rapper, performer and producer. His latest album, You’re Dead, (released only yesterday) features some epic collaborations and has been released to a great amount of praise and excitement. His music fuses hip-hop beats, abstract jazz, experimental electronica and rap – make sure to check out Never Catch Me ft. Kendrick Lamar below.


This home-grown psychedelic talent are one of those bands that you know will put on an epic show. On stage, the band are tight – evidence of their experience playing together at gigs as big as South by Southwest. The band often get lost in their extended instrumental breaks and lead singer Nick Allbrook at times swoons off into his own world, but the band never lose their connection with the audience. Given that the last gig I saw them at ended with support act on stage half naked, with banging tambourines and insane guitar riffs I’ll be betting they’ll soak up the Laneway atmosphere and pull out a show stopper.

Tickets for Laneway go on sale next Monday 13th October – make sure you don’t miss out!  And in the meantime, check out what our students got up to at this year’s Laneway when they undertook exclusive backstage work experience:


– Emiko Hunt