The Artists Talkin’ @ STEP Music Industry Event

Regular Melbourne music event STEP (The Society of Tastemakers & Elegant People) is for those in the know, and for those who want to know about the working music industry. The next STEP event, The Artist, will be happening Wednesday 21st January at The Toff in Town. The evening will feature panel discussions with some of Melbourne’s most clued-in and praise-worthy musicians. Here’s a rundown on the über lineup of panellists and musicians you’ll get to hear from.

Mix some synth pop with an electronic disco vibe and you’ve got the key sounds from solo act Chela. Chela (aka songstress Chelsea Wheatley) released her EP, Romanticize, in 2013, toured with The Preatures, played 2014’s SXSW and has continued to release a stream of highly-rotated collaborations, including Plastic Gun with Ben Ely (of Regurgitator fame) and Heartbreak with Clubfeet. Chela has steadily climbed the list of must-keep-your-eye-on musicians and already has a big 2015 lined up, with a performance at Sugar Mountain and another EP on the horizon.


Banoffee is the solo set up from singer and producer Martha Brown. Her music draws from a mix of pretty humming vocals, layered synths and samples, keyboards and minimalist drum machine beats. Her debut EP was released last year, under independent Australian label Two Bright Lakes and features co production from fellow musician Oscar Key Sung.

Oscar Key Sung

Over the last year Oscar Key Sung’s name has been everywhere. Originally known as one half of duo Oscar + Martin, Oscar Slorach-Thorn has reinvented himself as a strong solo musician and producer. He has played his minimalist and refined electro pop tunes at a suite of festivals, including Paradise, Meredith, Splendor, NYE on the Hill and will perform at Sugar Mountain later this month. His debut EP, Holograms, was released early 2014 to enthusiastic reviews, and he’s been busy working on the production of fellow artists such as Banoffee.

Remi & Sensible J

Australian hip hop lyricist, emcee and musician Remi Kolawole works with production buddies Sensible J, and Dutch to form Remi, who took out Triple J’s Unearthed Artist of the Year Award in 2013. 2014 saw the release of Remi’s second album, Raw X Infinity, which won the AIR Award for Best Independent Hip-Hop Album and the $50,000 Carlton Dry Global Music Grant. 2015 has them booked in for a variety of music festivals including The Hills Are Alive and St Kilda Festival.

RaRa & Friendships

Describing themselves as ‘Left -Field Hip Hop’ RaRa fuse together a catchy mix of  beats, RnB and hip hop. They’ve collaborated with music/art duo, Friendships, who are known for stroking their audience’s aural and visual senses. The STEP audience will get to enjoy sets from both of these exciting Melbourne acts.


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