Audio Production



Audio Production

If you dream of a career as an Audio Producer, Studio Engineer, Studio Manager, Mastering Engineer, Live Sound Technician, Radio Producer, Electronic Musician, or if you want to work as a Stage Technician or as a Post-Production Specialist for film and television an audio course is for you.

Throughout both the Diploma and the Degree, you are taught and mentored by industry experts who are currently working as live sound technicians, producers, and post-production specialists. You will work with analogue and digital equipment, use a variety of software, be mentored in small class sizes and will be introduced to a range of industry contacts. 

This course can also be studied as part of the Bachelor of Arts (Audio Production) + Bachelor of Applied Business (Entertainment Management) double degree.



Audio Production Diploma

The Diploma teaches you the fundamentals of audio production across live sound, recording, producing and post production. The diploma can be completed in two trimesters of full-time study and you have the opportunity to progress into the Bachelor Degree (subject to academic performance).

Throughout the Diploma, you will:

  • Learn recording studio techniques
  • Create quality mixes
  • Manage live audio production 
  • Collaborate with musicians and entertainment managers
  • Understand the recording and post-production process
  • Explore new music and audio technologies


Audio Production Bachelor Degree

The Degree teaches you the fundamentals of audio production across live sound, recording, producing and post production. You further develop these skills to gain a well-rounded understanding of audio production, while building a strong practical skills and a portfolio of work that will prepare you for a career in the audio industry. 

Throughout the Degree, you will:

  • Learn and perfect recording studio techniques
  • Create professional-quality recordings
  • Manage live audio production to a professional standard
  • Work on industry projects alongside musicians and entertainment managers 
  • Develop specialist recording and post-production skills
  • Explore new music and audio technologies
  • Undertake a 60-hour work placement 

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