You’re Invited To The Collarts O’Week Tropicana Boogie Party 2018!

You’ve Entered The 2016 Laneway Festival Ticket Competition

Somewhere in the tropicana paradise of your dreams, the faint strumming of a ukelele awakens you at the mouth of green jungle on a distant island. Except there isn’t an island, and you’re not near a jungle at all: you’re at The Collarts O-Week Party!

To celebrate a new year of paradise, you are invited to Collarts’ much-loved O’Week party on Thursday 1st February 2018! Meet your new classmates and sip fruity drinks at The Night Cat, where there will free food and drinks, live music, DJs and much more! The details you need to know:

The Collarts Tropicana Boogie O-Week Party

Venue: The Night Cat
Theme: Tropicana Boogie (think surf rock music, tropical fruit, and jungle animals)
Date: Thursday 1st February 2018
New Students Time: 6.30pm – 12.00am
Current Students Time: 8.00pm – 12.00am
Free Food & Drink: Courtesy of Brazilian Bite
RSVP is essential, see form below. New students are encouraged to arrive at 6~6:30pm, with existing students able to enter afterward at 8:00pm. New students can bring a plus one (18+ only) via the form below. If you are a Collarts student and are under 18, please email Jade at to ensure your entry and duty of care.
Please note, only enrolled Collarts students can attend the O-Week Party.  Bring your ID and Student Card on the night to ensure your entry. This event is open to all ages, with 18+ wristbands being supplied on the night to all those who have emailed Jade above. RSVP and save poster below!

RSVP To The Collarts Tropicana Boogie O-Week Party