Meet the Collarts staff: “If I had to pick my own theme song, it would be…”

We’re a pretty friendly group of teachers and staff here at Collarts and we thought we’d welcome in the New Year by sharing some of our New Year’s resolutions with you.

And just for fun, we asked our full-time staff the question “If you had a theme song, what would it be?” Here’s what our kooky, music-loving staff came up with (from left to right of the featured image): 


Selena Beattie, Registrar
New Year’s resolution: To be more crafty, for example I’m making a lampshade out of wooden rulers.
My theme song would be: Dancing on the Ceiling, Lionel Richie

Jennifer Klitzing, Receptionist and Administrator
New Year’s resolution: To love thy neighbour and learn the harmonica.
My theme song would be: Sinnerman, Nina Simone or Cirrus, Bonobo (for some modern flavour)

Geoff Allan, Program Leader of Music Performance
New Year’s resolution: To complete a Masters Degree, to stay fit and eat great food.
My theme song would be: Down and Out in New York City, James Brown

Paul Doornbusch, Associate Dean and Program Leader of Audio Production
New Year’s resolution: To sleep more.
My theme song would be: …

Claire Birchall, Assistant Registrar
New Year’s resolution: To learn to sing underwater and to finish and release my new album – that’s been in progress for two years!
My theme song would be: Rock and Roll All Nite, KISS

Emiko Hunt, Communications Coordinator
New Year’s resolution: Start playing piano again and to stop buying pot plants only to kill them – succulents only in 2014.
My theme song would be: Sexy Boy, AIR

Paul Saintilan, College Dean
New Year’s resolution: To cultivate greater eccentricity as I get older. Let’s get older, but let’s not be boring.
My theme song would be: Can I Play With Madness, Iron Maiden

Tim ‘Teebo’ Dalton, Program Leader of Creative Industries Management (not pictured)
New Year’s resolution: To fight starving children and help world poverty.
My theme song would be: Career Opportunities, The Clash

Chasca Summerville, Marketing and Admissions Coordinator (not pictured) 
New Year’s resolution: To master the art of self-control.
My theme song would be: Dance Dance Dance, Lykke Li