Andreyna Sanchez

Graduating from Full Sail University with a Bachelors Degree in Film, Andreyna Sanchez is an ardent lover of all things film and photography. Since she was young, she has had a camera attached to her hand and has enjoyed using friends and family for video and photo projects. A native Venezuelan, Andreyna has lived most of her life in the US and made her mark in New York City where she worked under famed portrait photographer Mark Seliger. After shooting for various clients such as Jose Bravo, Other Peoples Property and Neapolitan Express as well as working with multiple publications including PAPER Magazine, Andreyna made the move to Melbourne where she’s shot for local designers like Triangle of Bears, WITE the label, Living Doll, Minti Kidswear, and A Little Pocket to name a few.

A well-known photographer locally, she is a lifelong learner and enjoys studying new lighting techniques and different camera tricks. Andreyna has had multiple side projects including working as the Director of Photography on the “Suffocate My Heart” music video by the Jacob Jeffries Band.

Teaching Industry Project II, students will learn how to make a music video in her film class. If you’re interested in film or photography in the entertainment industry, be sure to ask for advice and help from her!