Hailey Cramer

Vocal Teacher

Hailey Cramer works with our Music Performance students, teaching vocals.

Hailey featured on the smash hit collaboration ‘Summer Days’ with rapper Pez, knocked audiences out performing with the likes of Michael Franti, 360 and Blue King Brown, all the while exploring and refining her own sound.

Hailey’s interest in music sprouted at a very young age. Infatuated with old school vocalists from her father’s vinyl collection, she developed a hobby of making mix-tapes to send to her grandmother in Sri Lanka singing all her favourite songs and splicing in messages from her family as interludes. In these early stages as an audio documentarian, Hailey learnt how to reach out and connect through song.

Ten years later, with an established reputation for her vocal talents and tireless work ethic, Hailey was welcomed into the fold of illustrious roots music giants Blue King Brown. Through extensive touring to the US, Canada, Europe and the Caribbean playing a massive array of national and international festivals, Hailey has performed alongside the likes of Santana, Silverchair, Powderfinger, Ben Harper and The Black Eyed Peas. Throughout Blue King Brown’s hectic touring schedule, Hailey has seized every opportunity to develop. From attending industry forums at Austin Texas’ prestigious SXSW festival to performing onstage with Michael Franti to spending time in the studio with Jamaican producer royalty Bonsai, Hailey makes the most of her surroundings to expand her experience and develop her creativity.

Back in Australia, her 2008 collaboration with rapper Pez both as a co-writer and performer elevated Hailey’s career to new heights. The smash hit The Festival Song gathered a national following, coming in at number 7 in Triple J’s Hottest 100, number 1 on the AIR 100% Indie Singles chart and number 11 on the ARIA Australian Singles chart. Since then, she has toured extensively with Pez and also lent her vocal prowess to hip hop contemporaries 360 on his chart topping album Falling and flying and Mantra’s Speaking Volumes album.

Shaped by a wealth of performance experiences over and spurred on by encouragement from the artists she has been working with and supporting, Hailey was inspired to realise the contents of her own songbook, define her own voice and seek out potential collaborators for her latest and most exciting creative stage – Hailey Cramer the solo artist.

Working alongside Melbourne-based producer Dan West Hayley has released her debut EP. the duo has sculpted a remarkable sonic landscape in which Hailey’s soulful vocal prowess is supported by a minimal yet funky accompaniment. Vintage analogue synthesizers, percussive sounds sourced from the body and everyday objects and noise making toys gleaned from local flea markets all combine to celebrate the nuance and humanness of a live performance in an electronic music context.

Welcome to the sonic world of Hailey Cramer, where story becomes song, electronics become humanized and where trash is sometimes treasure.