Matt Bray

Matt Bray has been operating as a professional musician in Australia and overseas since the mid 90’s.  Primarily performing on drums, Matt has also studied piano, guitar, vocals and music theory and has expansive experience within the Australian music industry both as a performer, band manager, and more recently within music education.

By constantly exploring and pushing music composition and performance boundaries Matt has been granted experience in such genres as Classical music, Rock, Progressive Rock, Punk, Funk, Acid-Jazz, Drum & Bass, Reggae and various styles of live electronica among many others.  In 1994 his own composition was performed by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, ten years later he co-wrote an album with the band `28-Days’ that charted in the ARIA top 40 all the while developing music production skills on a variety of audio software platforms.

Matt has performed over 3,000 gigs in all echelons of the Australian music industry and has been endorsed by Pearl and Zildjian since 2003.  Harnessing the diversity of his musical experience, Matt has shared the stage with the likes of The Foo Fighters, GrandMaster Flash, Q.O.T.S.A., Pendulum, Deftones, Andy C, The Living End, Bliss’n’Eso, Cat Empire and many, many others.

As well as performing, Matt assumed the role of business manager for several years that developed a hands-on knowledge of band management in a rapidly changing music landscape.  From 2007 he has worked at numerous Universities and Institutions around Melbourne.  Matt is currently completing his Masters in Contemporary Music (BHI) and is pioneering methods to enhance music education processes at Victoria University.