Librarian & Academic Skills Manager

Sara has always been a very keen music listener, a pretty tragic musician but a big supporter of all things music. Sara has been involved in SYN fm and SYN tv and has DJ’d at pubs around Melbourne, until she became a “grandma” and couldn’t handle the late nights anymore. This is when she decided to get into the library field. Sara has a diploma in Library Studies from Swinburne and worked for Melbourne Polytechnic libraries until becoming the Librarian and Academic Skills manager at Collarts. Sara is your go to girl for anything related to the library including academic support and you’ll find her in the ever growing library!

Need help finding a book? Or assistance with essay writing or research? Don’t hesitate to ask! You’ll usually find her at our South Melbourne campus on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and at the city campus on Tuesdays and Thursdays.