6 songs that’ll get you in the mood for Soulfest

In its first year running, Soulfest has an impressive line up of local and international talent including Maxwell, D’Angelo and Angie Stone.

The festival is Australia and New Zealand’s first dedicated neo soul, funk, jazz and hop hop festival and kicks off in Sydney this Saturday, followed by Melbourne on Sunday before rounding out in Brisbane next weekend. Whether you’ve got a ticket or not, we’ve put together a list of 6 songs that will get you in the Soulfest mood.

1. D’Angelo, Brown Sugar
Of course it has to kick off with D’Angelo’s Brown Sugar

2. Angie Stone, Wish I Didn’t Miss You

Often referred to as the ‘Queen’ of soul music, here’s Wish I Didn’t Miss You

3. Angie Stone, Brotha

As the queen so she’s getting two tracks on this list, here’s Brotha

5. Leela Jones, I’d Rather Go Blind

Leela’s cover of Etta James’ I’d Rather Go Blind is just delicious.

6. Thandiwe Phoenix, Hook Line and Sinker

Fairly fresh the scene, Thandiwe Phoenix hails from Sydney with some beautiful vocals on Hook Line and Sinker

7. Maxwell, Fortunate

Thought we’d finish off with something smooth – Fortunate was written by R.Kelly and recorded by Maxwell, who was received a Grammy nominated for his vocals on this track.

Want to see who else is playing at Soulfest? Check out the full lineup on the Soulfest website.