Launching Bosphorus Music

What happens when you combine a love of electronic music, a talent for event management and the guts to jump head-first into a business venture?

The answer would probably sound a lot like Bosphorus Music.

Bosphorus Music is the creation of 21-year-old Harry Hayes, who, after a year-long stint in Europe grew and developed the idea of a music events company for the Melbourne scene.

“The intensity and quality of electronic music in cities like Berlin, London and Istanbul inspired me to create a similar scene in Australia. Filling in the gap in Melbourne is the perfect opportunity right now.”

Hayes is no stranger to the music world. Last year he managed 2013’s Triple J Unearthed High winners, Lunatics on Pogosticks, while working as production and camera assistant at Poncho TV and worked a range of local and national music festivals. Now he finds himself working the festival circuits, completing a Bachelor degree in Music Business, and running his own music events company.

With his experience in live music events, Hayes represents a new wave of young music entrepreneurs who aren’t afraid to jump in and make their mark in the Australian industry. And, while he’s learning the ropes by doing, he’s also got the smarts to develop the skills needed to run his own business by taking on a Bachelor Degree in music management at Collarts.

Hayes believes that “It’s important for young entrepreneurs to make an impact in the music and entertainment industries. Having the foresight to learn from more experienced figures and learn some tedious business techniques will help me in the long run.”

To celebrate the launch of his music events company, Hayes is, of course, throwing a party. Friday 9 May will see the event, REFLECTIONS, taking place at Alia Arthouse in Collingwood. Supported by Moustache Magazine, Hayes promises the night will be:

“Very high energy and visually appealing. I’ve enlisted 5 of Melbourne’s most exhilarating electronic acts to kick the party into gear, including Friendships, Carnivals (UK), Indian Arrows, Wabz & Nutrition.”

If you want to see music entrepreneurship in the making, or if you’re just keen to enjoy a night of music and adventure, meet us at REFLECTIONS on Friday 9 May.

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